Warrior's 4-5 Penis Extender Device

Warrior's 4-5 Penis Extender Device

Warrior's 4-5 Penis Extender Device

Alpha Male introducing the 4-5 Penis Enlargement Extender Device. First of its kind and one the best and most sought after penis enlargement devices ever developed in South Africa.

The 4-5 enlargement device was developed in South Africa for men that just need little bit extra. It was engineered and designed to gradually increase the size of the male penis using the principles of traction. By using this device, the extender allows the user to get to its full potential.

So how does this device work?

Like most extender devices, its works on the principle of traction. By wearing the device on your penis you are able to create traction by stretching the penis over a long period of time (6 - 12 hours per day) depending on user experience. You may have noticed in some African counties men and women wear heavy jewellery on their earlobes, which caused the earlobes and lips to double in size.

After a couple of months the body starts to adjust and muscle and skin tissue gradually stands expanding. 4-5 Penis Extender Device works on the same basis, by placing this device on your penis you are able to increase the size of your manhood in terms of width and length.

4-5 Penis device is completely based on the simple principles of save positive pressure. You can wear the device for long periods of time which will cause the penis to adjust and  increase the thickness and length of your male member.

How much will my penis grow?

Alpha Male team has done its own research the last 6 months and have found this device can increase in length by 0.5 to 0.8 cm per month. If you use this device for 5 month you will grow at least by 4cm. By all standards, this compares really well with other devices on the male enhancement market. After speaking to some experts we have found that you have to use this device is the correct fashion and keep on using for at least 6 months for the best results.
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