Maximor Advance for Men

Maximor Advance for Men

Sex-health-benefitsSexual performance enhancer Maximor Advanced for Men is one of South Africa’s biggest selling male enhancement products. Maximor has been branded the best South African product for men who would like to increase their declining sex drive or want to achieve harder, bigger erections. All the herbal ingredients and vitamins in Maximor have been carefully chosen to help those guys who want to rev-up their sex drive or just don’t want to experience sexual dysfunction anymore. The all-natural herbs in Maximor combine perfectly to create one of the most powerful male enhancement solutions ever developed.

What will the Maximor Advance for Men do for you?

  1. After taking the pill you fill start to feel the effects within 40 min.
  2. You will start to feel above average sexual desire and your sex drive will go up.
  3. Your will achieve an erection and it will be much harder than normal.
  4. You will notice a major improvement in your sexual stamina and you will also notice that you are able to sustain sexual activity for longer periods before you ejaculate.
With so many men suffering from erectile dysfunction there is a great need among men older than 30 to turn to herbal alternatives to improve their sex-drive. Experiencing sexual dysfunction on a regular basis can have an extremely negative influence on any relationship. Your partner may feel that this sexual issue is their fault and you will feel disappointed in not being able to achieve an erection or keeping an erection long enough. Maximor for Men is a long lasting formula which starts to work within 40 min.

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    Most men experience impotence somewhere in their lifetimes but when sexual dysfunction becomes a pattern it will always put a strain on any relationship. The Maximor for Men sexual enhancer was developed to give men peace of mind about their performance. By using this sex pill you can choose the time and rate. The active ingredients in these tablets will support the user for up to 18 hours.

    Active Ingredients

    Panax ginseng (70 milligrams), Dioscoreavillosa (40 milligrams), Euryale ferox (20 milligrams), Piper nigrum (5 milligrams), Poriacocos (15 milligrams), Cistanchedeserticola (30 milligrams), Schisandrachinensis (20 milligrams), Epimediumbrevicornum (120 milligrams), Lyciumchinense (40 milligrams), Fructusrubi (30 milligrams), Dioscoreavillosa (40 milligrams)

    How do I take this sexual enhancer?

    This sexual enhancer is taken orally, but please note that it should be taken with a big glass of water. So take one pill 40 – 60 minutes before you need to perform sexually. Please comply with the instructions on the back of the package – Do not take more than the recommended dose!

    Does Maximor have any side effects?

    This item consists of various all natural herbal compounds. There have been no reported negative side effects for this item since it was released over 8 years ago. If you are still not sure, you can contact a medical professional and forward him the product description to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the herbal substances in this product. The product is totally vegan and vegetarian friendly and it contains absolutely no gluten, sodium, sugar or yeast.

    Who needs this enhancer product?

    Maximor was developed for men between the ages of 18 – 80. Even those men that do not suffer from any sexual dysfunction or low libido can also use this product to enhance their sex life since by using this product they can enhance their sexual awareness and increase their sexual performance.

    In conclusion if as a man you need peace of mind in the sexual department then you need to purchase Maximor Advance for Men. After using this product a couple of times you will never use anything else ever again.

    Please note that this item may be shipped from our UK or South Africa supplier. Shipping may take up to 2- 3 weeks.

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    I love this it does wonders.

    I have used Maximor for men a couple of times in the last year. Good solid product, it just gives you that boost you need.

    I am hooked on maximor for men. Took 1 capsule an hour before sex and my wife and I had sex the whole night. It made me last long and I was up.
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