Man to Man Pheromone Sex appeal Spray

Man to Man Pheromone Sex appeal Spray

Introducing the Male to Male Pheromone Sex Appeal Spray for gay men. This male spray for gay men was clinically developed and produced to raise the users own sexual appeal. By using the Man-2-Man spray you can now become enormously alluring to the point where you are almost irresistible to gay men because of the pheromones in this amazing product.

The Man-2-Man Spray is an extraordinary sexual aphrodisiac for gay guys and will entice and draw males to the user of this item. Without them understanding why, gay men will be attracted to you and mentally it will increase your own sexual appearance. By using this male pheromone spray you will be able to meet more men than you ever thought was possible. Gay guys will without understanding why, be sexually drawn to wearer of this spray without the wearer even saying a word. This gay male enhancer is probably the most powerful gay male pheromone supplement ever produced.

Who should use this Gay Pheromone product?

This spray should be used by gay men that have been in a relationship for several years and may be thinking that they may need a sexual boost in their relationship. Or it can be used by gay guys that would like to attract gay males without them even knowing why.

15ml bottle spray = approx. 60 applications
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