X on the Lips buzzing Lip Balm with Pheromones

X on the Lips buzzing Lip Balm with Pheromones

buzzing-pheromonesThe X-on-the-Lip-Balm product is a one of a kind product that has been instilled and infused with gender friendly(can be used by male and female) pheromones that give the user and receiver an almost electric imprint when he or she kisses you.

How exactly does the X on the Lips Pheromone Balm work?

The balm is infused with gender-friendly pheromones which as science will tell you have an attraction effect on the opposite sex. The balm is placed on the user lips which will produce a kind of gentle warming effect for about an hour. At this stage you will go over to that companion or new friend and give them a kiss they will never forget.  The ingredients in this herbal pheromone product will produce a warming buzzing effect on the person receiving the kiss. The pheromones in the Lip balm will attract the person and make you feel sexy, seductive and hot.

What are the benefits in using the Pheromone Balm?

  1. The X-on-the-Lips balm is made from all organic essential oil and all organic ingredients.
  2. This enhancer does not contain any unlawful products including menthol, parabens, glycerin or L-Arginine.
  3. The pheromones in the Lip balm has a sexual effect on the person who smells it and the pheromones-scents in this balm will make the user feel sexy and extremely hot and seductive.
  4. Both men and woman can use this gender friendly balm
  5. Can be used multiple times in an evening.
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