Libidus Male Libido Enhancer

Libidus Male Libido Enhancer


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sexual-dysfunctionThe Libidus product has been labeled as natures solution for men who would like more powerful erections, stronger more potent orgasms and to double their sex drive.

The herbal ingredients you find in Libidus have been used by men for hundreds of years to enhance their libidos. Traditional healers have used these world famous herbal ingredients to assist males with low libido, weak erections, erectile dysfunction and even premature ejaculation for centuries. The Libidus product combines the finest male libido enhancing herbs in just the right quantities to produce the strongest, most powerful, natural and effective sexual performance solution you will ever be able to find in South Africa.

What does the Libidus product do for you?

  1. You will start feeling the desire to have sex within 20 min after taking Libidus.
  2. You will experience longer lasting, bigger and harder erections when taking Libidus.
  3. Your improved performance will in turn improve you sexual confidence.
  4. Because Libidus is made from 100% pure herbal ingredients there are no negative side effects.
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    Ultimately, as a man, using Libidus will enhance your sex drive and allow you to become the lover you always wanted to be.  The Libidus product has been around for more than a decade and in that time has become one of the best selling male sex-aids that has ever been developed. To date more than five million capsules have been purchased since it was first developed 12 years ago.

    Active Ingredients

    1. Herba Epimedii (24.5 milligram) Astragalus Membranaceus (24.5 milligram)
    2. Herba Cistanches (24.5 milligram)
    3. Rhizoma CucurmaeLongae (49 milligram)
    4. Eurycoma Longifolia (154 milligram)
    5. Ginkgo Biloba (49 milligram)
    6. Flos Catharmi (24.5 milligram)

    Increase your libido using Libidus

    Have you lost your sex drive? Do you want to increase your libido? Do you want to enhance your sexual performance? This libido enhancing product is an all-natural product that was developed under the most stringent conditions.

    Libidus is widely considered to be the most highly effective natural aphrodisiac formula ever produced. If you want to improve your bedroom performance then you need to try out this sex tablet. Some users have mentioned that the Libidus product is even more potent and more effective than the world famous blue pill. One of the biggest positives when using this tablet is that because it is entirely natural it has none of the negative side affects you normally have to contend with when using pharmaceutical medicines for erectile dysfunction or loss of libido.

    The Libidus product was developed in 2002 which makes it one the oldest, most used sex tablets ever produced. After selling over five million capsules, everybody has to agree that this product is one of the most widely used and respected male libido enhancers that has ever been produced.

    Users have attested that Libidus starts working 20 minutes after oral consumption and that the improvements it makes to their libido can be felt up to 64 hours later. Satisfied users have reported improved sexual duration and frequency with many marveling at the decreased recovery time between sex acts.

    Customer Reviews

    Average Rating

    I used to have low sex drive and not able to maintain an erection for long periods of time,during sex I used to ejaculate too soon and then not have an erection in the next few hours. After being introduced to Libidus I now feel like a pornstar ad I have rock hard erections and can go on for up to an hour before exploding with force,I am then still hard and can continue with sexual activity immediately or within a shortwhile without any issues.I have been successful in the bedroom and with many safe partners and all of whom are very satisfied. I truly recommend Libidus as with it I try positions only ever seen in porn movies and my confidence in bed and around women has increased.
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