TAOI Pure pulse Intimate Stimulant Spray

TAOI Pure pulse Intimate Stimulant Spray


This intimate stimulant spray is a truly amazing sexually heightening product. This all natural sexual revitalizing product was originally made to heighten sex play but it has many other sexual benefits including improving sexual performance for both males and females and also making sex more enjoyable for both parties. By using the TAOI Pure Pulse Intimate spray you can now intensify the feeling and sensations you have while you are having sexual intercourse or while you are achieving an orgasm.

The TAOI Stimulant spray for males and females is an all-natural, all organic formula to help with female dryness as it works wonders as a sex lubricant and heightens sexual intercourse sensation.

Ingredients in the TAOI Stimulant Gender free spray

  1. Consist of relaxing and soothing Aloe Vera
  2. Consist of menthol and other fruit extracts
  3. Has no fragrance or scent
  4. Works well as a lubrication product, increasing sexual stimulation
  5. Water based product

How would I apply the TAOI stimulant formula?

Place a small amount of TAOI formula into your hands and apply it the general pubic area of both female and male. Start to massage this area until you start feeling a gentle warming, tingling sensation.
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