The Bull Power Delay Gel

The Bull Power Delay Gel

bull-power-delay-gel-logoThe Male Shop would like to introduce you to the amazing and remarkable Ultimate Bull Power Delay Gel. This incredible gel is made by the world famous Scala-Playhouse Company. This awesome gel was formulated and developed by the Scala-Playhouse Company to help guys to effectively deal with early ejaculation also known as premature ejaculation. Studies have shown that over 90% of men have experience PE at some point in their lives but about 55% of males experience it almost every time they have sexual intercourse. This means that over half of men around the globe suffer from PE and are unable to fully satisfy their lover.

This male sexual problem can place severe strain on the sufferers and their relationships since many of men that have PE would rather try to avoid sex as they know they will inevitably never last more than 1 or 2 minutes.

Fortunately there is an answer to your prayers – The Bull Power Delay Gel was developed for just this problem. You can now stop worrying about the next time you will have sex. This gel-cream helps reduce the amount of sensitivity a male feels when he is sexual stimulated. By reducing the sensitivity the male user can have sex for longer periods of time.
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    Delaying the male orgasm

    Those men that have experienced Premature Ejaculation in their lives know that PE can cause major issues in a relationship and can be a very awkward experience, especially if it’s the beginning stages of a new relationship. Nothing is more embarrassing after meeting a girl and finally getting to the stage where the both of you are ready to have sex and you are done before she has even begun.
    The Bull Power Delay gel consist of the following 3 active herbal ingredients - Avena Sativa extract, Mentha Piperita extract and Humulus Lupulus extract. These 3 active ingredients work together to cause a kind of anaesthetizing effect on the user’s penis. The user will smear the gel onto the erogenous zones like the penis shaft, penis head and especially the penis glands. The user will then leave the penis for a couple of minutes for the Bull Power Delay gel do its magic. If you use the gel in the prescribed manner it should be able to delay your orgasm for at least 30 – 40 minutes.

    This delay gel is one of the first delay creams on the market and recently won the prestigious BEST PE-Product in Europe for the fifth consecutive time in 5 years.

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