V-Rx Ultimate Delay Cream

V-Rx Ultimate Delay Cream

dealing-with-early-climaxThe V-RX Delay Cream is applied to the penis shaft and head. This will temporarily desensitize the user’s penis. By desensitizing the penis for about an hour the user will have a lot more sexual staying power. The V-Rx is extremely powerful anti-premature ejaculation cream that will assist the user to not o cum too early when having sexual-intercourse.  Most men have experienced early climaxing, but studies have shown that about 55% of men that climax to early do this on a regular basis.

If you experience premature ejaculation on a regular basis then you definitely need to try out V-Rx Ultimate Delay Cream.

What causes Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is mainly caused by the male getting too excited too early while having sex or even before having intercourse, this is chiefly caused by penis sensitivity. Other factors include stress and or so called “sensitivity spikes”.

This anticlimax supplement is extremely effective, in that all you need is small amount which you place around the shaft of and tip of the penis head. You would apply the gel about 5 minutes before having sex. After waiting for those 5 minutes you can now get ready to have sexual intercourse.  This male sexual enhancement formula was developed for men that are struggling with early-climaxing and would like to boost their own sexual confidence and improve their sexual play with their partners.

Explain how Delay cream works?

The V-RX Delay cream is very well liked among suffers of PE as this item is designed to work almost immediately after applying it to the male member. For newbies you can use this with or without a condom. The gel was no effect on your partner which basically means your lover will never know you are using any kind of male enhancement product. All she is going to know is that you are much better in bed and you have a much higher sex drive than before. The V-RX Delay gel is made from safe herbal ingredients that numbs and desensitize the male member but not any other part of the body.

How to I apply V-RX Delay Cream?

A small amount of gel/cream is placed on the head of the penis and penis shaft. Do not place in or on any other part of the body. You do this about 5 - 10 minutes before you are going to have any kind of sexual relations. After about 5 minutes the cream should be absorbed.
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