Sexual Dysfunction

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The Coolman Delay gel was designed for men that needs help with climax control. This product is applied to the male genitalia to avoid an early climax.
    Durazest is one the oldest, most trusted libido enhancing products currently on the market. Designed specifically for men that needs help upping their libido and sex drive.
      The Libidus product is a herbal compound that is used by men that needs help with erectile problems including low libido and sexual dysfunction.
        One of South Africa's most famous Libido enhancers. The Maximor Advanced for men is a extremely powerful male enhancer. It is mainly used by men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence.
          As the name suggest the Penis power tablets was developed and designed for men that would like to improve the size of their penis and would like to improve their own sexual confidence. It helps with blood flow to the penile tissue and increase sexual desire.
            The Rhino is anti-climax gel. This revolutionary gel desensitize the users penis so he can delay his orgasm and therefor delay ejaculation. By decreasing sensation you are able to last for longer.
              The Natural penile system is a enlargement package which consist of a all natural herbal pills, penis gel and a DVD that visually explain to the user how to increase the size of the penile tissue by means of various Sudanese jelqing techniques.
                One of the most famous Male enhancers ever developed. This Erectile dysfunction eradicator is known as the Chinese choice when it comes to impotence products. Helps with blood and keep your libido up for hours. A truly awesome product for men of all ages.